Conditional Oils

What are Conditional Oils?

Condition oils are usually composed of herbs, essential oils, fragrance oils, carrier oils, fruit peels, roots, animals, crystals, stones, and other ingredients called for by certain recipes. The power behind the intentions of the user and maker is the most important ingredient in oils. They are used to reach different magical objectives, for example, emotional, material, and spiritual goals. They can help with healing, to protect, purify, cancel, attract, repel, or bring balance to one’s life. 






How to use Conditional Oils?

  • Anoint the body by applying oil to the skin. (remember to test for reactions and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Some oils contain ingredients such as essential oils or herbs that could cause irritation, rashes, or allergic reactions.)
  • Dress a candle by setting your intentions, choosing your candle, dressing your candle, carving into it if you choose to, and sprinkling your candle with the corresponding ingredients.
  • Crystals and stones can be anointed to help you increase your manifestation power. Anoint crystals and stones by dabbing oil on your palm and rubbing your palms together with the crystal or stone in between them and focusing on your intent.
  • Anoint objects 
  • Anoint seals
  • Use on talismans, amulets, and charms
  • Mojo bags, medicine bags, conjure bags, sachets, charm bags, and sacred power pouches.
  • Statues, dolls, poppets, and images
  • Altars
  • Power rods, staffs, swords, and daggers