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worry dolls are used to help you deal with your problems and stop them from keeping you up at night, not being able to focus on daily tasks, or from just bothering you all day.

how are they used?

write your problem on a paper. then you grab a doll and give it your paper by placing them into safe undisturbed place like under a pillow or in a box together. put them  in a safe place out of sight. let the worry dolls work their magic. every so many days go back to your worry doll's  and check on your problems written on the papers you placed with your dolls. your problems most likely have disappeared. once your problem is resolved you may use your doll for a new problem.

use one doll per problem. 


suggested chant as doll is placed in box

"trouble, trouble go away, no time for you today. trouble, trouble leave me now, don't need you anyhow"

  •  set includes 5 worry dolls